Chris Bradford

The Soul Prophecy

by Chris Bradford

'I saw him die right in front of my eyes.'

'That you did,' replies Damien.

'But you underestimated his power.

Tanas is back and stronger than ever . . .'


When Genna's parents are murdered, the police put the tragedy down to a burglary gone wrong. But Genna knows the truth: the Soul Hunters are back and her nightmare is far from over.

With home no longer safe, she flees to America to find Phoenix, the only one who can help her - or so she thinks. While searching for her Soul Protector, Genna meets other First Ascendants like her, and Soul Warriors tasked with protecting the Light.

But the Hunters are on her trail and it's only a matter of time before Genna comes face-to-face with their leader once more. For Tanas has miraculously incarnated into a new body, and is hungry for her soul.

Genna must look to her past lives to survive. But how can she defeat Tanas when evil never dies?

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