Chris Bradford

The Soul Hunters

by Chris Bradford

Have you ever experienced dreams so vivid it seems like you have lived them? Or had déjà vu so strong you're convinced you must have been there before?

The explosive first book in a brand-new action-packed series from bestselling author Chris Bradford.

Late one night a schoolgirl is attacked in a city park. When a stranger rushes to her rescue, Genna Adams believes it's luck that their paths crossed. Then a week later, the same boy saves her from being kidnapped and Genna realises this is no coincidence. But the explanation offered by the boy, Phoenix, is even stranger than she could have imagined - a long-forgotten foe has tracked her across lifetimes to lay claim to Genna's very soul.

As the hunters close in, Genna has no choice but to trust her mysterious protector - and soon she is swept into a deadly adventure, racing across time to save herself and, ultimately, the human race.

Because for Genna, death is only the beginning...

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