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Lizzy Tiffin


Lizzy Tiffin is a journalism graduate from the North-East of England. She has always been passionate about mythology. In stark contrast to the sometimes daunting classical texts, Lizzy longed for someone to tell the stories in a way that felt more modern and approachable. And so, with the seemingly ever-growing interest in mythological retellings, Lizzy has created a guide on the women of Ancient Greece, rooted in humour and accessibility. Bad Girls Of Ancient Greece tells the stories of these women in a...

Lizzy Tiffin

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Bad Girls of Ancient Greece by Lizzy Tiffin

Bad Girls of Ancient Greece contains profiles of the mad, bad and brilliantly complex women of Greek mythology.

With the surge in popularity of mythological retellings, Lizzy Tiffin has written a guide on the roots and intricacies (ahem… the women) that make up the broader stories of the popular ancient mythologies.

Written with humour and verve, Lizzy Tiffin showcases over 200 goddesses and mortal bad girls of ancient Greece, united in their bold, powerful and badass stories that often intertwine with one another.

Bad Girls of Ancient Greece is an accessible, intelligent, hilarious (and often, very rude) guide to the women we love and know – Athena, Medusa, Aphrodite – and the ones we may not, like Callisto, who was cursed with burning hot lust for a wild bear, or Oenone, the first love of Paris before Helen of Troy came onto the scene.

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