Harald Stossier

Harald Stossier


Dr Harald Stossier has an outstanding international reputation both as a practitioner and innovator of Mayr Medicine. After studying under the legendary Dr Rauch, he set up in 2004 as Medical Director of the legendary Viva - Centre for Modern Mayr Medicine on the shores of Lake Wörth near Klagenfurt, which is now regarded as the world's leading health spa. Harald Stossier has been deeply instrumental in the integration of complementary medicine within the medical profession. He has been a consultant for complementary...

Harald Stossier

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The Viva Mayr Diet by Harald Stossier

A glass of wine at dinner and a flatter stomach in 14 days? Yes , it can be done! The Viva Mayr Diet is the savvy diet for people in the real world who want to get a bikini body and revamp their health with ease. It's based on the world-famous Viva Mayr spa clinic in Austria, the hottest health and weight loss destination in Europe. After 14 days your stomach will be flatter, your skin will be glowing, you'll have a spring in your step and you'll be well on your way to getting a fabulous beach babe body. You'll feel so good you'll want to make The Viva Mayr Diet a way of life - and let's face it girls, if you want to make a permanent dent into those love handles you've got to look a bit further into the future. The difference is that after the 14 days you'll be hooked, and it should feel totally natural following The Viva Mayr Diet.

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