Siena Sterling

Siena Sterling


Siena Sterling is an American citizen living in London. William Morrow, HarperCollins US published her first novel Tell Us No Secrets in 2022.

Siena Sterling

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Tell Us No Secrets by Siena Sterling

Sometimes girls are the meanest of them all.

Female friendship is intense, and that intensity can erupt into dangerous passions when teenage girls are cooped up in an exclusive East Coast boarding school.

Beautiful, streetwise Cassidy Thomas; debutante jock Abby Madison; academic, sensitive Karen Mullens; and sophisticated troublemaking Zoey Spalding are four seventeen-year-olds who should be cruising happily through their Senior Year. But jealousies are simmering. And when Zoey plays a game with the class list—if you lose your virginity you get a star beside your name—it sets in motion a chain of shocking events.

Nine months later, when one of the girls is murdered, the others must ask themselves if they can carry the truth of what happened the rest of their lives.

Tell Us No Secrets describes the bonds between these adolescent girls as well as the terrible pain of betrayal and the tragic consequences of peer pressure running riot at a time when the seismic shift of the Sixties changed the rules for everyone.

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