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Cate Sevilla


Cate Sevilla is an editor and journalist who has led and managed editorial teams for some of the world's largest media and technology companies - including Google, BuzzFeed and Microsoft. In 2021 she was appointed Editor-in-Chief of Huffpost UK.

Her How to Work Without Losing Your Mind, is based on her experiences as both a manager and employee of both giant corporations and scrappy start-ups. It was published by Penguin in 2020, and translated into Dutch in 2021.

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How to Work Without Losing Your Mind by Cate Sevilla

A hilariously honest and practical guide for women balancing success and sanity

A painfully honest, hilarious, and relatable guide to surviving the hell of the nine-to-five, helping you navigate the real, messy, stressful, and sometimes bizarre side of work that everyone experiences but no one talks about.

Drawing on her time working in both giant corporations and scrappy startups, Cate Sevilla is a voice of reason, guiding you through every shitstorm you'll ever face, whether you're feeling overwhelmed by your workload, trying to get out of a job you hate, battling a micromanager who seems determined to destroy you, struggling to stay motivated or bouncing back from failure

How to Work Without Losing Your Mind will replace the G&T at the end of your day. It'll be your tonic to a long, hard-working week, where you've cried in the office bathrooms and are wondering what to do next.

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