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David Mark Price


David Price's early interest in aviation and military history were fuelled by days exploring deserted RAF airfields in his native Cumbria, leading to a lifelong interest in aviation history. He has been involved in aircraft preservation for over twenty-five years at the Solway Aviation Museum, serving two terms as Chairman. He writes and lectures on aviation and the First World War and is a frequent guide to battlefields.

His first book, A Bomber Crew Mystery, followed the story of two American B-17 crews based...

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Mosquito Men by David Mark Price

Mosquito Men – The Elite Pathfinders of 627 Squadron is the story of one of the most remarkable - and feared - British aircraft of the Second World War and the airmen who flew in them.

Nicknamed the 'wooden wonder' for its balsawood frame, the two-man Mosquito fighter-bomber excelled in several different roles, from reconnaissance to the bombing of sensitive priority targets. Following a Mosquito raid on the main Berlin broadcasting station on 30 January 1943, which succeeded in removing Hermann Goering from the airwaves, the Luftwaffe chief observed ruefully: 'It makes me furious when I see the Mosquito. I turn green and yellow with envy.' From the summer of that year, as RAF Bomber Command intensified its saturation-bombing campaign against German cities and industrial centres, Mosquitos were used by the RAF Pathfinder Force, which marked targets for night-time bombing, to potent and devastating effect.

David Price's involving and fast-paced narrative traces the contrasting wartime fortunes of a number of Mosquito crews, alongside which the development and operational history of the aeroplane (especially with the Pathfinder Force) forms a descant to the principal human narrative. Like the author's bestselling The Crew, Mosquito Men is rich in evocative and technically authoritative accounts of individual missions flown by an aircraft that ranks alongside the Spitfire, the Hurricane and the Avro Lancaster as one of the RAF's greatest ever.

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