David Price

David Price


David Price is a writer, learning futurist, director of Educational Arts and a senior associate at the Innovation Unit. His field of expertise is learning - specifically how to make learning engaging.

He has led innovative learning projects which have been globally recognised. He founded 'Musical Futures', a schools-based programme to make music learning as exciting in school as it is outside school. The programme currently operates in almost 60% of all English High Schools and in seven other countries around the world. 'Learning...

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The Power of Us by David Price

Why do some organisations thrive while others seem paralysed by inaction? How do we become more innovative?

The Power of Us is the result of a three-year journey around the world seeking out highly successful companies from BrewDog and Patagonia to inner city schools and renewable energy co-ops to find the answers.

Cultivating people-powered innovation enables everyone to collaboratively work to figure things out. We just need to nurture the mindset and culture that makes innovation an everyday occurrence. Thought-provoking and incisive, The Power of Us is an urgent call for leaders, teams and individuals to challenge the status quo, transform our lives and rebuild a better world for the future.

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