Michael  Ohajuru

Michael Ohajuru


Michael Ohajuru is a Senior Fellow of the Institute of Commonwealth Studies with honours degrees in Physics and Art History.

He blogs, writes and speaks regularly on the black presence in Renaissance Europe and has spoken at the British Library, National Archives and Victoria and Albert Museum on the subject.

He is the founder of Image of the Black in London Galleries, a series of gallery tours highlighting the overt and covert black presences to be found in the national art collections in London.

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Michael  Ohajuru

Latest Release

The Guide to Black London by Michael Ohajuru

Africans have been in London since the Roman occupation and have been a visible and continuous presence there since the mid-16th century. Yet British domestic history struggles to place Black people within its narrative. In The Guide to Black London, S. I. Martin and Michael Ohajuru offer neighbourhood-level insights into the continuity and extraordinary impact of Black people on the capital’s politics, culture and self-image.

The Guide to Black London will be published by September publishing in March 2023

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