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In 1993, Graham Hoyland became the 15th Englishman to climb Everest, having become obsessed by the mountain and the myth of what happened to Mallory and Irvine. It was his evidence that eventually led to the discovery of Mallory's body and it will be his evidence that may lead to the discovery of Sandy Irvine's. His Last Hours on Everest is the most detailed reconstruction of what happened after the two English climbing legends left the camp on that fateful day. Combining personal...

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Jet - The Engine that Changed the World by Graham Hoyland

The invention of the jet engine had a profound social effect on the world. Commercial jet aircraft revolutionized travel, opening up every corner of the planet. Millions were able to travel anywhere in the world. Few know the jet engine was invented by an Englishman in 1929, with the first jet airliner being the British de Havilland Comet. Britain then gave the technology away, not only to the United States, but also to the Soviet Union.

Jet engines came on the scene just when conventional piston engines had reached their physical limits. In a masterstroke of simplification, the jet engine replaced all the over-worked components with one moving part. The result delivered a smooth flow of power. The dream of cheap, exotic travel might have been realized, but there were downsides to the world-reaching power of aircraft. In 2020, the effects of COVID-19 had brought the aviation industry to a sudden halt.

Taking a look at its history and how the world has changed since its invention, it is time to appraise the Age of the Jet.

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