John Howkins

John Howkins


John Howkins is a leading figure in the global understanding of work and creativity. He is the author of the seminal The Creative Economy which has been translated into fourteen languages.

He is a former chair of CREATEC, Tornado (Britain's first streaming company) and BOP (the UK's leading advisory service on culture and creativity).

John Howkins was chair of the London Film School and chief adviser to HBO and Time Warner for fifteen years.

In 2006 the Shanghai government set up the John Howkins Research...

John Howkins

Latest Release

Invisible Work by John Howkins

In a world where an increasing number of people work remotely, Invisible Work is a new skillset and framework to ensure personal and business success - from the author of The Creative Economy.

Just as power has moved from boardrooms into the domain of dynamic individuals, Invisible Work maps the evolution of this new way of being and succeeding - the hidden ingredient for success in an AI-defined era. It is a mindset of deeply focused, value-added thinking and sharing. It is a process of creativity that combines emotional intelligence and collaboration. It is the key to the success of a growing army of self-employed workers. This is an emerging field of work in which new business domains and creative endeavours are based on personal interests and digital connections. It is also, crucially, the answer to the question of how we thrive in the AI era and raise a new generation capable of working with - rather than being replaced by - AI.

Howkins lays out a visionary framework for working practice and success. He focuses on the ways in which we think most innovatively, how we best share those private ideas, how we make unseen connections and remain authentic whilst staking out our domain in a virtual world. He considers the growing area of self-employment in a chapter entitled 'The Incorporated Self', and he explores the tricky task of spotting and nurturing those best suited to Invisible Work.

  • 'A valuable introduction to its brave new world' Sunday Times
  • 'John Howkins picks his way through the many facets of creativity, unearthing surprising facts' Economist
  • 'The first really practical guide for people working in the creative industries' Director Magazine

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