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David Hepworth has been writing about, broadcasting about and speaking about music since the 70s. He was involved in the launch and/or editing of magazines like Smash Hits, Q, Mojo and The Word among many others. He was one of the presenters of the BBC rock music programme Whistle Test and one of the anchors of the Corporation’s coverage of Live Aid in 1985. He has won the ‘Editor of the Year’ and ‘Writer of the Year’ awards from the Professional Publishers Association and the ‘Mark Boxer Award’ from the British Society of Magazine Editors. He is the radio columnist for the Saturday Guardian and a regular media correspondent for the newspaper.

His blog http://whatsheonaboutnow.blogspot.co.uk obtains 40,000 views per month. He has 15,000 followers on Twitter.

He is a director of the independent company Development Hell and divides his time between writing for a variety of magazines and newspapers, speaking at events, broadcasting work and blogging. He lives in London. ‘I was born in 1950,’ he says, ‘which means that in terms of music I have the winning ticket in the lottery of life’.

Published on both sides of the Atlantic in 2016, Never A Dull Moment was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller in the UK and ranked within the Amazon top 100 in the US. His Uncommon People: The Rise and Fall of the Rock Stars 1955 - 1994 was published in the UK and the US in 2017 and was also Sunday Times top ten bestseller. His collected journalism, Nothing Is Real was published by Transworld in 2018.

The Rock and Roll A-Level, his advanced music quiz, was published in 2019. A Fabulous Creation - How the LP Saved Our Lives was published in 2019 and was a Sunday Times top ten bestseller. Overpaid, Oversexed and Over There was published to wide acclaim in 2020.

Abbey Road – The Inside Story of the Most Famous Recording Studio in the World, his authorised biography of the world's most famous music recording studio, was published by Bantam Press in 2022.

In 2021 Apple TV released 1971, a major four-part documentary based on David Hepworth’s 1971 – Never A Dull Moment.

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Abbey Road by David Hepworth

Many people will recognise the famous zebra crossing. Some visitors may have graffitied their name on its hallowed outer walls. Others might even have managed to penetrate the iron gates. But what draws in these thousands of fans here, year after year? What is it that really happens behind the doors of the most celebrated recording studio in the world?

It may have begun life as an affluent suburban house, but it soon became a creative hub renowned around the world as a place where great music, ground-breaking sounds and unforgettable tunes were forged - nothing less than a witness to, and a key participant in, the history of popular music itself.

What has been going on there for over ninety years has called for skills that are musical, creative, technical, mechanical, interpersonal, logistical, managerial, chemical and, romantics might be tempted add, close to magic.

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