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Ele Fountain worked as an editor in children’s publishing where she was responsible for launching and nurturing the careers of many prize-winning and bestselling authors.

She lived in Ethiopia for several years, where she wrote her acclaimed debut novel, Boy 87, which was published by Pushkin Press in the UK and Little, Brown Children’s in the US and went on to win four awards and was nominated for ten more, including the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize.

Her second novel, Lost, was published in 2020 and was a Guardian Children’s Book of the Year. It was followed by Melt, published in 2021. Her acclaimed fourth novel, Fake, was published in 2022. Her fifth novel, Wild, will be published by Pushkin Press in 2023.

Her books have sold to eleven countries worldwide.

She has written for the Telegraph, SCOOP, BookTrust, and talked about her books and reading on Woman’s Hour (twice), BBC Radio London, BBC Radio Scotland, BBC World Service, and to anyone who happens to be passing.

Ele lives in Hampshire with her husband, two young daughters and lots of spiders.

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Fake by Ele Fountain

Failing antibiotics have shifted society online. As big tech companies begin to dominate life, the boundaries between real and virutal have blurred. At 14, Jess is attending school for the first time. Meeting other childrten and making real friends is something shes dreamed of for years. But Jess misses her family, especially her sister Chloe, who is in poor health.

With Chloe's sickness worsening and her medication getting more expensive, Jess turns to the digital world to fix things. She is a brilliant coder and programmer. Desperate to help her sister, Jess dives into classified territory and discovers explosive truths. Truths which reveal just how manipulated reality has become.

With her family's lives in the balance, Jess must defy everything she's been told to help them - before it's too late.

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