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Tim FitzHigham FRGS, FRSA is a multi-award winning, Perrier Award Nominated comedian, explorer, quadruple world record holder, historian, archaeologist and author. Following experiments to hinder farming in both Hertfordshire and the West Indies, he embarked on a life played out as a professional five year old. To Tim, everything is possible and the epic absurd, a normal day in the office. He is the Commodore of Great Britain's only landlocked port (Sudbury, Suffolk), has the ancient title of Pittancer of Selby in the Ridings (the only person other than H.M. The Queen responsible for distributing money on Maundy Thursday), is a Freeman of both the City of London and the Company of Waterman and Lightermen of the River Thames and a Fellow of both the Royal Society for the Arts and the Royal Geographical Society.

He's travelled down the Thames in a paper boat, was the first man in history to row the English Channel in a bath and has run up and down active volcanoes in record time. In his spare moments he's pioneered endurance Morris Dancing, been a UN Spokesperson for World Environment Day, inflated the planet's largest balloon and spent a year in armour chasing the ghost of Don Quixote. His live shows and after dinner speeches have sold out all over the world and generously been made critics' choice by the majority of the nation's press. He's played in the mud on TV in Time Team, burnt duck on Ready, Steady, Cook and attempted to eclipse several stars on film including Anthony Hopkins, Clint Eastwood and Matt Damon. However, to his family he'll always resemble an escaped member of the Muppets.

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All At Sea by Tim Fitzhigham

All At Sea is a celebration of the epic absurd, an attempt to explain just how out of hand things can become from a very simple starting point. The book follows the author's death-defying 200-mile journey in his antique Thomas Crapper bath - not just across the Channel, but around Kent - right up to the tremendous reception and huge media attention which awaited him under Tower Bridge. Tim met the Queen, and his bath now resides in the National Maritime Museum of Great Britain

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