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Robin Cross


Robin Cross has written over thirty books, including the bestselling VE-Day: Victory in Europe 1945 (Sidgwick and Jackson, 1985) and the number one Sunday Times bestseller We'll Meet Again (with Vera Lynn; Sidgwick and Jackson, 1989). His Fallen Eagle: The Last Days of the Third Reich (Michael O'Mara, 1995) was described by the Sunday Express as a 'mesmerising account of the final bloody weeks of war'. In 2016 he published Tanks: 100 Years of Armoured Warfare (Andre Deutsch).

His World at War: World Wars I and II in Photographs has been continuously in print since 1998 and for many years he has worked as contributor and consultant to the Quantum Illustrated Encyclopedia of Weaponry and Warfare.

His Operation Dragoon - The Allied Liberation of the South of France: 1944 was published by Pegasus in 2018.

Man of the World – the history of Winston Churchill abroad will be published by Amberley in 2024.

Robin Cross

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Operation Dragoon by Robin Cross

A dramatic and expertly rendered narrative of the Allied liberation of the South of France during Operation Dragoon in 1944.

Operation Dragoon is the story of the Allied invasion of the South of France on August 15, 1944. It was, in effect, the second D-Day, launched two months after "Overlord", the Allied invasion of Normandy. As such, it has often been overshadowed by its predecessor, but its significance cannot be underestimated.' Dragoon' was a largely American-French operation in which the British, who had argued for action in northern Italy, played a smaller role. After nearly five years of conflict, British war stamina had been severely sapped. In contrast, the French, who had been excluded from the overall planning of D-Day, played an important role in Dragoon, supplying the majority of the ground troops in a campaign which began on the beaches of the Riviera and ended in the cool, clear air of the Alpes Maritimes, the sacred ground of France.

Robin Cross provides for the first time a complete overview of the liberation of the South of France from strategic decisions made from the Allied and German high commands to the intelligence war waged by Allied codebreakers; from the German defeat of French resistance forces on the Vergers to the exploits of individual OSS agents on the ground as they strove to keep pace with a fast-moving battlefield. This is the story of the Allies inflicting on the Germany Army a Blitzkrieg-style defeat, expunging the lingering memories of the catastrophe of 1940.

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