Susan Clark

Susan Clark


Susan Clark was voted Health Journalist of the Year 2000 and was the Sunday Times first ever Health and Fitness editor, launching their ground-breaking Lifestyle section and her hugely popular 'What's the Alternative?' column.

She is the author of the What Really Works series published by Transworld and HarperCollins.

She works regularly for The Press Association as a Real Lives human interest stories writer and has edited Resurgence magazine and the Ecologist website, both flagships of the environmental movement warning of the consequences of displacement...

Susan Clark

Latest Release

Loving You From Here by Susan Clark

For the first time in forty years the UK-based bereavement charity Sands (the Stillbirth and Neonatal Death Society) breaks wide open the public silence which imprisons families living with the loss of a baby through stillbirth or neo-natal complications and challenges the taboos surrounding a loss that nobody affected can find the words for.

Loving You From Here features the moving stories of multiple families; some affected recently, some decades ago, but still living with the loss. The book is a practical guide for grieving parents in the grips of tragedy, and those around them who want to be able to offer support.

This profound and insightful book will help everyone impacted by the loss of a baby.

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