Charlie Charters

Charlie Charters


Charlie Charters was born in London and raised in Fiji,and has spent a large part of his working life based in Hong Kong.

His first novel Bolt Action was published in 2010 by Hodder & Stoughton, which was praised by Harlan Coben as 'a terrific debut. Charters is definitely one to watch' and Andy McNab as 'a great read...gritty and authentic'.

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Bolt Action by Charlie Charters

Since 9/11, the door between the cockpit and the cabin on an airliner must be locked and impossible to break down. But what happens when the pilot and crew have all been poisoned?

This is the ultimate terrorist spectacular, played out as the world watches, blogs and tweets . . .

Also on board, by chance, is a renegade group of British ex-soldiers, fleeing the attentions of MI5. Can Captain Tristie Merritt and her band of unlikely heroes save the plane - and the world - from disaster?

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