Yves Bonavero

Yves Bonavero


Yves Bonavero was born and educated in Paris. He worked in the City of London for fourteen years and became the controlling shareholder and CEO of the Man Group, a leading commodity trading and fund management institution. At the age of 37 he retired from the City and founded Bonaparte Films. His first novel, Something in the Sea, was published by Bloomsbury in 2006 and praised by the Guardian as 'an astonishing and gripping story'. His The Nuremberg Enigma was published in 2019.

Yves Bonavero

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The Nuremberg Enigma by Yves Bonavero

Berlin, April 1945. The Führer is missing and the hunt is on..

The Reich is imploding. Soon, an International Military Tribunal will convene in Nuremberg to pass judgement on the Nazi elite. It is beset by divisions between the victorious Allies. A rampant Göring is running rings around the prosecution. Anyway, what could this trial possibly mean without Hitler in the dock?

Against the backdrop of a convulsed Europe, Peter Birkett - the youngest captain in the British Army assigned to the mysterious and all-powerful T Force - and Captain Elizaveta Terisova - Stalin's favourite Komsomol maiden - are confronted with the horror of war, the moral and physical dangers of occupation and the peculiar plight of women in combat zones. Smart, resourceful and ruthless, both are deeply conflicted, struggling with their own demons, and baffled by the realpolitik masquerading as international law. Which of their moral principles, if any, can they afford to uphold? What will become of nineteen-year-old Susette, Peter Birkett's German girlfriend?

In a world of spies and doppelgängers, where identifiers such as dental records and fingerprints only add to the confusion, Captain Peter Birkett is having to make life-and-death decisions which not only challenge his moral certainties, but may change the course of history…

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