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Charlie Bingham


Charlie Bingham is a nature writer, based on the North Norfolk coast. She has established herself as a well-known member of the Norfolk birding community and beyond and is creating ‘buzz’ with her #BirdsFromFarAway content across social media which aims to break down barriers between ‘amateur’ and more experienced birders. She has written for various magazines and is a regular writer for the popular online travel blog, ‘Bald Hiker’. Her work can also be seen in the Guardian, the British Trust for Ornithology...

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The Unlikely Birder by Charlie Bingham

Everyone has a bird story. It may just be a brief encounter with a friendly Robin, a Wood pigeon sitting on your windowsill, or a rare vagrant species spotted in an unexpected place. Join Charlie Bingham as she travels the length and breadth of the UK from rolling countryside to busy city centres searching for Oystercatchers on Liverpool rooftops and Peregrines on cathedral spires. In sharing her bird stories, she will help you to discover yours.

Charlie Bingham will show you how birds from far flung parts of the globe use the UK as their meeting point, allowing you to experience the sights and sounds that have touched every corner of the globe and are now available to you on your local patch, whether that be a busy city centre or a coastal cliff.

Birds are a way to engage with nature that is accessible to all who want to experience it. If you can use any of your senses, (apart from taste, you can’t just lick a bird), then you can be ‘a birder’. If you can hear the beatboxing starling from the tree outside your garden, you can be a birder. If you can see the flash of navy plumage as a swallow swoops above you as you lay on the grass, you can be a birder. If you can feel the branches of the hedgerows that open their doors to the roosting flock of sparrows each night, then you can be a birder.

The Unlikely Birder will show you an alternative way to appreciate nature, one without barriers, gatekeepers or conditions. There is a community of brilliant bird nerds who are out there waiting to welcome you with open arms and couldn’t give a flying Phalarope if you know your Pink Feet from your Beans or your Tits from your Boobies (and we are going to meet them in this book).

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