The Viney Agency

The Viney Agency is a London-based literary agency founded in 2008. The agency represents a diverse range of authors primarily handling their book deals with publishers and also providing a full range of services including selling film and TV options to broadcasters and production companies.

The Viney Agency represents ninety authors writing across a wide variety of genres, including adult and children's fiction writers, biographers, historians and journalists. The website provides a full list of our published authors. Viney Agency clients mostly write in English and are based in several countries, the majority in the United Kingdom.

We sell English language rights directly to the United Kingdom and North America.

Our foreign language sales are handled by the UK’s leading foreign rights team at Intercontinental Literary Agency (ILA).

Our dramatic rights are handled either by the London-based The Artist's Partnership or the Knight Hall Agency.

The Viney Agency is a member of the Association of Authors’ Agents and abides by its code of conduct.

We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting your personal data. This website does not use cookies. You can view our privacy notice here or request a copy via the information on our Contact page.