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Robin InceRobin Ince is widely recognised as one of the UK’s most accomplished and versatile comedians with a string of awards and media appearances to his name.

He instituted and hosted the show Nine Lessons and Carols for Godless People at the Hammersmith Apollo.  With Professor Brian Cox he writes and co-presenting the awared winning science show The Infinite Monkey Cage for BBC Radio 4 and appears regularly on Antony Gormley's One and Another (Sky Arts) and on Newsnight Review (BBC2). Robin was a regular on Richard and Judy, Channel 4 / UKTV and supported Ricky Gervais on his Fame tour. His first feature film (co-written with Carolyn Wilson) Razzle Dazzle was officially selected by the Berlin Film Festival and the New York Childrens Film Festival.

He was the Chortle Award Winner in 2009, Winner of the Time Out Outstanding Comedy Achievement Award and nominated for the British Comedy Award’s Best Stage Show for Robin Ince's Book Club - a celebration of uniquely bad writing. Written with his co-The Infinite Monkey Cage presenter Brian Cox, HarperCollins published their How to Build a Universe in 2017.

His The Importance of Being Interested was published by Atlantic in the UK in 2021. Bibliomaniac, his book on the life-long obsession for all bookish things, will be published by Atlantic in 2022.


Praise for The Importance of Being Interested

Ince makes profound - and funny - reflections on our tiny lives in a massive universe. -- Observer

A delightful and scintillating hymn to science. Resolutely a non-scientist, Robin Ince discovers with awe that when science addresses the "big problems" and destroys familiar beliefs, it does not leave us in a cold, meaningless and de-humanized world, but in a one which is colourful, human, full of intensity and wonder. -- Professor Carlo Rovelli, bestselling author of Seven Brief Lessons on Physics


Wonderful! A beautifully written elegy to science, combining wonder, mystery and humour. Curiosity dances across the pages. Robin's take on science is human, funny but also deeply enthralling. -- Professor Alice Roberts, TV presenter, academic and bestselling author of Ancestors


Robin is the most engaging of science communicators. As someone who also struggled with science as a child, still finds physics an impossible foreign tongue, and came late to the fulfilment of a curious mind, I found this book by turns challenging, entertaining and moving. -- Steve Backshall, BAFTA-winning British explorer, naturalist, presenter and writer


With razor-sharp wit and insight, Robin slices into the biggest questions of our time. The Importance of Being Interested left me smiling and thinking more deeply. -- Commander Chris Hadfield, astronaut and bestselling author


Brilliant and Entertaining. Science is done by humans, and humans are the only reason that science matters: curiosity is part of human nature, but sometimes we need reminding just how much is out there to explore and enjoy.-- Dr Helen Czerski, Physicist and bestselling author of Storm in a Teacup


Will gladden the heart and stimulate the mind... Sparkling.

-- Independent

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Robin InceComedian Robin Ince quickly abandoned science at school, bored by a fog of dull lessons and intimidated by the barrage of equations. But, twenty years later, he fell in love and he now presents one of the world’s most popular science podcasts. Every year he meets hundreds of the world’s greatest thinkers.

In this erudite and witty book, Robin reveals why scientific wonder isn’t just for the professionals. Filled with interviews featuring astronauts, comedians, teachers, quantum physicists, neuroscientists and more – as well as charting Robin’s own journey with science – The Importance of Being Interested explores why many wrongly think of the discipline as distant and difficult. From the glorious appeal of the stars above to why scientific curiosity can encourage much needed intellectual humility, this optimistic and profound book will leave you filled with a thirst for intellectual adventure.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Importance of Being Interested (Atlantic, 2021);I'm a Joke and So Are You (Atlantic, 2018); How to Build a Universe (with Brian Cox) (William Collins, 2017); Robin Ince's Bad Book Club: One Man's Quest to Uncover the Books that Taste Forgot (Little, Brown, 2010).