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Robert KershawBorn in 1950 and a graduate of Reading University, Robert Kershaw joined the Parachute Regiment in 1973. He served numerous regimental appointments before being selected to command the 10th Battalion (10 PARA). His active service includes several tours in Northern Ireland, the First Gulf War and Bosnia. He has exercised in many parts of the world and served in the Middle East and Africa. His final army appointment was with the Intelligence Division at HQ NATO in Brussels Belgium.

On leaving the Army in 2006 he became a full-time author of military history as well as a consultant military analyst. He has written a paper on the military impact of HIV AIDS for Cranfield University and more recently was the historical editor for ParaData, an on-line archive for the Parachute Regiment and Airborne Forces.

His narrative history books combine succinct military analysis drawn from thirty four years as a serving soldier with the physical and psychological impact of conflict on ordinary soldiers. What did soldiers at the Little Big Horn in 1876 or Arnhem in 1944, see, smell, hear or touch?  

Robert Kershaw’s The Street about what occurred on the pivotal highway in Arnhem during the intense battle in September 1944 was published in the UK by Ian Allan and by Balans in Holland in 2014. His 24 Hours at Waterloo was published by W.H. Allen/Random House in 2014 and is widely regarded as the outstanding recent book on the battle. His 24 Hours at The Somme was published by W.H. Allen/Random House in 2016.

Robert Kershaw’s acclaimed Landing on the Edge of Eternity: Twenty-Four Hours at Omaha Beach was published by Pegasus in 2018. His Borodino Field - 1812/1941 was published by the History Press in 2021.

Praise for Landing on the Edge of Eternity;

"Kershaw gives a meticulously researched, gripping account of the Allies’ near-defeat at Omaha Beach. Kershaw brings home the significance of the battle with suspense and uncertainty that has been glossed over in other recent accounts."

Publishers Weekly

"Studying the operation from a military point of view, Kershaw describes an awful day of battle. A revisionist look that won't cheer America-firsters but that helps broaden our understanding of a crucial battle."

Kirkus Reviews

"Extraordinary and excruciating, Landing on the Edge of Eternity might be the hardcover version of Saving Private Ryan’s torturous opening minutes. Hard to put down. Should be required reading for every civilian official and military officer who has a voice in ordering soldiers to go fight."

Washington Times

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Robert Kershaw
The gripping account of two momentous battles fought in the same location 129 years apart. For Russians the battle of Borodino resonates with the patriotic soul of Mother Russia. The epic confrontation in September 1812 took the French Grande Armée to the gates of Moscow and on to catastrophe during the subsequent winter. Another equally bitter battle was fought at Borodino in October 1941. This time Hitler's SS and Panzers came up against elite Soviet Siberian troops defending Stalin's Moscow. Remarkably, both battles took place in the same woods and gullies that follow the line of the Koloch River.

Borodino Field tells the story of the French Imperial soldier's 1812 experience of campaigning in Russia in their own words. It is juxtaposed with personal accounts, diaries and letters of SS and Panzer soldiers in 1941, drawing on previously untapped German and Russian sources. Acclaimed historian Robert Kershaw narrates the odyssey of simple soldiers, who had marched the same tracks and roads on the 1,000-kilometre route to Moscow and reveals the fascinating parallels and contrasts between the two battles.

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