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Michael Walsh has won awards for investigative journalism, a Royal Television Society Award. Together with Don Jordan he hs written four books, including White Cargo, acclaimed by Nobel Laureate Toni Morrison as an 'extraordinary book'.

With Don Jordon he is currently writing The King’s London about the artistic, cultural, social and architectural development of the city during in the reign of Charles II.    It will be published by Little,Brown in 2016.

He lives in London.

LATEST BOOK: THE KING'S BED: Sex, Power and the Court of Charles II

Don Jordan & Michael WalshA fast-paced and thrilling history of Charles II's dissolute life and surprising legacy, from the acclaimed authors of The King's Revenge.

To refer to the private life of Charles II is to abuse the adjective. His personal life was anything but private. His amorous liaisons were largely conducted in royal palaces surrounded by friends, courtiers and literally hundreds of servants and soldiers. Gossip radiated throughout the kingdom.

Charles spent most of his wealth and his intellect on gaining and keeping the company of women, from the lowest sections of society such as the actress Nell Gwyn to the aristocratic Louise de Krouaille. Some of Charles' women played their part in the affairs of state, colouring the way the nation was run.

Don Jordan and Michael Walsh take us inside Charles' palace, where we will meet court favourites, amusing confidants, advisors jockeying for political power, mistresses past and present as well as key figures in his inner circle such as his 'pimpmasters' and his personal pox doctor.

The astonishing private life of Charles II reveals much about the man he was and why he lived and ruled as he did. The King's Bed tells the compelling story of a king ruled by his passion.

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