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Michael ByrnesMichael Byrnes grew up in West Orange, New Jersey. After high school he attended Montclair State University, moonlighting as a waiter and bartender until completing his Business Administration degree. After developing a successful insurance business he honed his creative writing skills. The result was his debut novel, The Sacred Bones (2007), a page-turning action thriller infused with science, religion, and history which was published in over twenty languages. Its sequel, The Sacred Blood, was published worldwide in 2009. Byrnes’ highly anticipated third novel, The Genesis Plague, was published in 2010. He lives in Florida with his wife and three children.

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Michael ByrnesAt the dawn of civilization ...An exotic stranger appears in a Mesopotamian village and is venerated as a goddess ...until she unleashes a horror beyond anything humankind has ever known. At the sunset of civilization ...A mercenary unit in northern Iraq, led by Sergeant Jason Yaeger, has trapped radical Islam's most wanted target in a mysterious cave that sits at the heart of the Genesis story.

When a Marine platoon seeks to control the extraction mission, a threat far more ominous is found lurking beneath the mountains. Meanwhile in Boston, Massachusetts, Agent Thomas Flaherty helps archaeologist Brooke Thompson escape assassination by a Las Vegas televangelist intent on using the cave's deepest secret to bring the Middle East to its knees.

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