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David AmbroseMaurice Leitch is author of The Liberty Lad, Poor Lazarus, Silver's City and many other works. In 1969, he moved to London from his native Northern Ireland to become a producer in the BBC's radio drama department. In 1977 he became Editor of A Book at Bedtime on Radio Four until leaving in 1989 to write full-time.

Rated by Robert McLiam Wilson, as ‘perhaps the finest Irish novelist of his generation’ he was awarded the Guardian Fiction Prize in 1969 for Liberty Lad and won the Whitbread Prize in 1981 for his novel Silver's City. In addition he has written over twenty television and radio plays and is a winner of the Golden Harp Award.

In 1999 Maurice Leitch was awarded an MBE for services to literature.

Ireland's best living novelist (Eamonn Sweeney)

Perhaps the finest Irish novelist of his generation (Robert McLiam Wilson)


Maurice Leitch A civil war leaves behind many secrets. On the Torremolinos coast survivors of Spain’s Civil War and foreigners with reasons of their own to fear the past gather in the Hotel Miramar to drink and forget. Johnnie Ray tries to ignore his fading fame, having fought for Franco Eugene Furlong cannot return to Ireland. Both men find themselves involved in the life of Adriana, a local woman, who has her own secret from the Civil War. However, Franco s police are hunting the ghosts who remain hidden in this doomed, damnable country of theirs. Maurice Leitch s novels have always stunningly evoked a period and place, Gone to Earth explores the conflicts, and acts of defiance, of a country in the aftermath of civil war

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