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Bestselling novelist Lesley Lokko has done an awful lot of moving around. Born to a Scottish artist and a Ghanaian surgeon, she spent the first eighteen years of her life trotting back and forth between Africa and the UK, pretty much every year. After a handful of (mostly unsuccessful) careers – kibbutz worker, cocktail waitress and terrible telemarketer to name a few – she decided it was time to knuckle down and trained as an architect, gaining her PhD in 2007. After almost a decade of teaching and tramping around on muddy sites, she chucked it in and became a novelist instead. Six best-selling novels later, she’s pretty much decided ‘this is it.’ She now lives between London, Accra and Johannesburg, although not quite simultaneously, and sometimes escapes altogether to write (in deepest winter) in the Pentland Hills outside Edinburgh. Her Scottish friends think this is quite mad. For more information and detail on her novels (and the house she built for herself in Accra), please visit


Little White Lies“epic…packed with love, secrets, lies and glamour” - Heat   

“Immerse yourself in the lives of women looking for love” - Grazia

What’s a small deception between friends?

In a gorgeous beachfront mansion in Martha's Vineyard, Annick and Rebecca have left their young children in the care of their life-long friend Tash. Tash has made millions from her fashion business and treating her friends to a luxury holiday makes all the hard work worthwhile. But by the end of the afternoon, one of the children will have vanished . . .

As the daughter of an iconic actress and an assassinated president, Annick has spent a lifetime running from the truth of her family's wealth. For her, Rebecca and Tash have always felt more like family than friends. But can she truly trust them with the secret of her past?

Rebecca, the dutiful daughter of a financial dynasty, has always done the right thing. And when the pressure of pleasing her parents gives way to the pressure of being a model wife and mother, she begins to wonder if she'll ever have the chance, or the courage, to please herself.

And Tash, who's worked so hard to escape the poverty of her mother's Russian roots, now has the world at her feet.But despite her millionaire lifestyle - the business, the houses, the holidays - why is she struggling to keep a grip on her life?

Money, it would seem, isn't the answer to everything.

Weaving the stories of three women together across decades, this sweeping tale of friendship, ambition, love affairs and betrayals is the new bestseller from Lesley Lokko.


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