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Kit WilliamsKit Williams is widely acknowledged as one of Britain’s most innovative artists and craftsmen, whose highly detailed and original work is widely collected. Masquerade was published in 1979 and this intricately conceived, ground breaking illustrated book became a global bestselling phenomenon with sales exceeding two million copies.

In 2009 Kit Williams was the subject of an hour long BBC Four programme The Man Behind the Masquerade. He lives in seclusion in the English countryside.


David Ambrose
Masquerade is a children’s book which sparked a worldwide treasure hunt by concealing clues to the location of a jewelled golden hare, created and hidden somewhere in Britain.

Masquerade has been adapted by Kate Mulvany for stage and performed at the Sydney Opera House in January 2015 to critical acclaim. It has also been optioned for film production by Fiona Neilsen and director Mat Whitecross at Mint Pictures.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Masquerade, Jonathan Cape 1979; translated into 8 languages. Masquerade - Special limited edition (with solution), Jonathan Cape 1982, The Bee on the Comb (untitled book) 1984; translated into 6 languages. Out of the Eye, The Art of Kit williams (an art book showing works before Masquerade was published), 1986. Engines of Ingenuity (a scientific fairy-story), 2001.