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David Ambrose

Jim Richards became obsessed with finding gold and diamonds in his teens, he went on to be closely involved in numerous mineral discoveries around the world. This includes the Omai gold deposit in Guyana, which became the largest gold mine in South America, and the Railway iron ore deposit in Western Australia, which was acquired by BHP Billiton in 2010 for A$204 million.

He has founded a string of successful mining businesses and is today one of the industry’s most respected executives. Currently, Jim is Executive Chairman of an Australian publicly listed mining corporation.

Prior to his prospecting, geology and mining career, Jim served in the British Army Parachute Regiment, with operational experience in Northern Ireland. He was educated at London University (geology) and the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst.

He has is married with four young boys and writes wearing ear plugs.  His first book, Gold Rush was published by Fremantle Press in Australia and by September Publishing UK in 2016.



A young man leaves home to make his fortune in a gold rush. Jim Richards had no language skills, no money and no idea, but when his adventures mining gold and diamond-filled potholes in the remote rivers of Guyana led to real money his problems were only just beginning. Chasing gold and diamond rushes around the world, Richards became the ultimate prospector. From diving for diamonds in the piranha-infested rivers of South America to gold prospecting in the blazing deserts of Australia, from getting caught up in the BRE-X mining scam in Indonesia to starting a gold rush in the war-torn jungles of Laos. To find the gold, he first had to find himself. He learned to dig deep into his own soul and discover the resilience and fortitude required to overcome isolation, disease, criminals and gun-toting secret police and come out on top. He went on to found a string of successful mining businesses and is today one of the industry’s most respected executives.


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