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Jess Bright is a new children’s author flying the flag for the Clean Tween readership. Her writing is open and funny and helps girls explore the diversity of modern family life with all its idiosyncrasies. Jess’s background is in publishing where she started out as the editorial assistant and then gradually ended up running the whole joint (slight exaggeration, but almost true), before leaving to go freelance and be a writer.

Jess lives in London with her husband and three kids.


Can time travel fix a family and a friendship?

"So, one minute my ex-best friend, Izzy, and I are rummaging in the PE cupboard, looking at some hilarious prom stuff from the 1980s. The next minute, we're there. Actually there, in 1985. And that's not all - our mums are there too. But they're our age! Check out their hair! It's weird enough for Izzy, who's not really getting on with her mum at the moment. Not that I care, we're not friends any more anyway. But the thing is, my mum died in a car crash when I was four. I've always longed to get to know her, and now's my chance! Izzy says we mustn't change anything in the past, as it might mean our future selves don't even get born. But how can I not warn my mum about her fate? If there's a chance that I can save her, surely I've got to take it. Wouldn't you ...?"

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Back in the Day, Oxford Children's, 2016; Sister, Sister, Oxford Children's, 2015.