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Jayne Senior was born in Rotherham in in 1964 and has lived there all her life. In the late 1980s she became a youth worker and later managed a council-funded project called Risky Business, which worked with young girls involved in prostitution.

Time and again, Jayne tried to alert the authorities in Rotherham to the increasing numbers of young girls being abused by men of Pakistani origin.

For almost fifteen years she was ignored, harassed, called a liar and eventually hounded from her job.


In 2014, the publication of a report into the sexual abuse of children in Rotherham concluded that as many as 1,400 girls had been victims. Finally, Jayne Senior had been vindicated.


She was named the 2015 ‘The Woman of the Year’ for her extraordinary work protecting minors in Rotherham. In 2016 she was awarded an MBE.


LATEST BOOK:  BROKEN AND BETRAYED - The True Story of the Rotherham Abuse Scandal by the Woman Who Fought to Expose It

For fourteen years, Jayne Senior tried to help girls from Rotherham who had been groomed, raped, tortured, pimped and threatened with violence by sex traffickers. As the manager of Risky Business, which was set up to work with vulnerable teens, she heard heartbreaking and shocking stories of abuse and assiduously kept notes and details of the perpetrators, passing information on to the authorities in the belief that they would do something. Eventually, when she lost hope that the authorities would take action against the gangs she had identified as the abusers, she became a whistleblower for The Times investigative reporter Andrew Norfolk.

Now, in her powerful memoir, she describes a life spent working to protect Rotherham's girls, the pressure put on her to stop rocking the boat, and why she risked prison in the hope that she could help end the appalling child exploitation in the town

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Broken and Betrayed, Pan, 2016.