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Holly Smale

Ele Fountain worked in the publishing industry for sixteen years. During this time she worked with some of this generation’s finest authors, commissioning bestselling and many award-winning novels.

She spent half of the last decade overseas, living in France then Ethiopia, and is now based in Hampshire. It was during her time in Ethiopia that Ele wrote her d├ębut novel, Boy 87, the story of a child refugee.

She lives with her husband and two daughters in their crumbling house from the 1680s.

Her Lost, about a girl who finds herself homeless and living with a group of street children, was published to acclaim by Pushkin Press in 2020. Her third novel, Melt, was published by Pushkin in 2021 to rave reviews.


Her fourth novel, Fake will be published in 2022.


Praise for Boy 87

'Boy 87 is an original and beautifully written page-turner of a novel about love, survival and the strength that can be found in a hopeful human spirit' -- Sarah Crossan, Carnegie Medal Winner


Praise for Lost

This book will arouse compassion for society’s lost, reminding readers how small the difference may be between them and us” -- Sunday Times, Children’s Book of the Week


Praise for Melt

'A marvellously compulsive story. The unbelievable made believable. Now there's the test of a great story' -- Michael Morpurgo

'A tense, high-stakes survival adventure, underpinned with the urgent issue of climate change. Her earlier novels, BOY 87 and LOST, both come highly recommended' -- Bookseller, Editor's Choice

'Corrupt oil corporations, lost planes, and epic journeys of survival across the threatened Arctic - this is a brave and high-octane thriller about a boy and girl who are both affected by the fossil fuel industry in different ways. As well as carrying an important message, this is a thrilling action-adventure novel'

--Lauren James, author of The Reckless Afterlife of Harriet Stoker

'Fans of Ele Fountain, author of Boy 87 and Lost, will find plenty of white-knuckle drama in Melt' -- Telegraph

'An engaging eco-conscious thriller' -- New Statesman


Failing antibiotics have shifted society online. As big tech companies begin to dominate life, the boundaries between real and virutal have blurred. At 14, Jess is attending school for the first time. Meeting other childrten and making real friends is something shes dreamed of for years. But Jess misses her family, especially her sister Chloe, who is in poor health.

With Chloe's sickness worsening and her medication getting more expensive, Jess turns to the digital world to fix things. She is a brilliant coder and programmer. Desperate to help her sister, Jess dives into classified territory and discovers explosive truths. Truths which reveal just how manipulated reality has become.

With her family's lives in the balance, Jess must defy everything she's been told to help them - before its too late.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Fake, Pushkin Press, 2022; Melt, Pushkin Press, 2021; Lost, Pushkin Press, 2020; Boy 87, Pushkin Press, 2018.