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Roisin McAuleyDr Denise Allen began her archaeological life as a ‘digger’, excavating throughout the 1970s, then specialised in Roman Glass (completing her PhD at Cardiff University, and later publishing the Roman Glass in Britain, a popular introduction to the subject). She has worked in museums and taught in Continuing Education, and for nearly twenty years was a Director of Andante Travels, Britain’s leading archaeological tour company, designing the tours, writing brochures and field notes, and leading many tours.


Roisin McAuley

Mike Bryan has been visiting Romano British sites since he was a small boy when he caught ‘Roman Legionaire’s disease’. Following a long career in publishing with Penguin Books where he was CEO of a number of Penguin’s international publishing companies, he is at present studying Roman Archaeology at Oxford University and evangelising to one and all on his favourite subject. 


Amberley published their Roman Britain – And Where To Find It in 2020.


Praise for Roman Britain - And Where To Find It


'Wanting the perfect Roman day out? Novice or nerd, this is the book to take. Factual, friendly, punchy and practical, denise Allen and Mike Bryan have written the best guide to finding Britannia. It just begs you to get out there to look and learn!'

-Lindsey Davis


'An absoute must-buy for everyone interested in Roman Britain'

-Ben Kane


Roisin McAuley
The Romans ruled Britannia for more than 350 years, leaving an indelible
mark on our landscape as they drew us firmly into the Mediterranean world. Town and countryside were transformed by innovations in comfort and taste - albeit shot through with a uniquely British twist - glimpses of which can still be seen at numerous splendid sites and museums in England, Wales and Scotland.

Roman Britain...and Where to Find It will tell you where you can find the best Roman villas, forts, walls and bath-houses, as well as the hidden gems which the uninitiated might pass right by. It will also explain how these remnants of the past fit into the bigger story, pointing out details which have their own tale to tell, connecting us with the people who lived here 2000 years ago – and will acknowledge the archaeologists who made the discoveries, and who continue to reveal more every day.


BIBLIOGRAPHY: Roman Britain - And Where To Find It (Amberley, 2020) Roman Glass in Britain (Shire, 1998)