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David WhitleyDavid Whitley was born in Chester in 1984, and began composing stories shortly afterwards.

His dream of writing Young Adult fiction was hugely encouraged when, at age 17 he was shortlisted for the Kathleen Fidler Award for a children’s novel and at 20 he won the Cheshire Prize for Literature for a children’s short story.

David’s first novel, The Midnight Charter, was published by Puffin in 2009. It sold in eighteen countries and fifteen languages around the world and was Longlisted for the Carnegie Medal and the Branford Boase. Its sequel  in the ‘Agora’ trilogy, The Children of the Lost, was published in 2010. The concluding book, The Canticle of Whispers, was published in 2012.

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David WhitleyIn this final volume of the Agora trilogy, Mark and Lily lead the revolution to unseat the powerful elite while confronting the dark and twisted nature of their destinies.

Over the course of their travels, Mark and Lily have seen the dark side of capitalist society and the terrifying side of utopian community. Now they journey deep underground to a world populated by people terrified of physical touch but capable of creating mesmerizing song. Here they discover the seat of Agora's power and try to right the wrongs of their forefathers--but can they succeed without sacrificing themselves?

In this gripping conclusion to a trilogy that is at once timely and prophetic, David Whitley pushes his characters and his world to the brink in order to find redemption from the past.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: The Midnight Charter, Puffin 2009; US rights to Roaring Brook Press; Canadian rights to Doubleday; Italian rights Longanesi; German rights by Goldmann; Danish rights to Sesam Greek rights to Motibo; Netherland rights Moon, Dutch Media Group; Korean rights to Chungrim; Brazilian rights to Editora Rocco; Russian rights to Eksmo; Spanish rights to Ediciones Paidos; Portuguese rights to Editorial Presenca; French rights to Gallimard Jeunesse; Thai rights to Pearl Publishing; Swedish rights to Wahlstroms. Published to rave reviews autumn 2009. Longlisted for the CILIP Carnegie Medal 2010 and the 2010 Branford Boase Award. Shortlisted for the 2010 Audie Awards. The Children of the Lost, UK rights to Puffin 2010; US rights to Roaring Brook Press; German rights to Goldmann; Swedish rights to Wahlstroms. The Canticle of Whispers (Roaring Brook Press, 2012).