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General Sir Richard Dannatt

General sir David Richards served in the Far East, Germany and Northern Ireland before commmanding deployments in East Timor and Sierra Leone, where his intervention in the civil war, without official sanction from London, proving decisive in ending years of factional fighting.

He later served with  NATO and led ISAF forces in Afghanistan, becoming the first British general to command US forces in a theatre of war since World War II.

David Richards became Commander-in-Chief Land Forces of the British Army in 2008 and held that role until 2009, when he was appointed Chief of the General Staff. In 2010 he was appointed as Chief of the Defence Staff, the professional head of the British Armed Forces, and served in that position until 2013.

He was made a Life Peer in 2014. His autobiography, Taking Command, was published by Headline in 2014.

Praise for Taking Command

‘A brilliant memoir by the UK's most significant soldier-scholar-statesman of the new century; a compelling, thoughtful, and thought-provoking read by one who played a key role in virtually every military endeavour of the past decade’ -- General David H. Petraeus (U.S. Army, retired)


‘He has seen just about every combat zone since Sandhurst. One is in the hands of a consummate soldier’. -- Frederick Forsyth


‘Not the usual dry treatise on the use of force, his memoir is a highly readable account from someone involved in all the key theatres of our recent history’ -- The Sunday Times


‘A highly-readable, authoritative and thought-provoking memoir from a distinguished military leader . . . both relevant and instructive’ -- Lord Robertson Financial Times


‘A fascinating book on the British Army from the 1970s to today’ -- The Spectator



General Sir David Richards is one of the best-known British generals of modern times. In 2013 he retired after over forty years of service in the British Army and a career that had seen him rise from junior officer with 20 Commando to Chief of the Defence Staff, the professional head of the British Armed Forces.He served in the Far East, Germany, Northern Ireland and East Timor. He was the last Governor of Berlin's Spandau Prison, when Rudolf Hess, Hitler's deputy, was its sole prisoner. In 2005 he was appointed Commander of the Allied Rapid Reaction Corps in Afghanistan and as commander of NATO forces became the first British General to command US Forces in combat since the Second World War.

In 2000, Richards won acclaim when he brought together a collation of forces in Sierra Leone to stop the ultra-violent Revolutionary United Front from attacking the capital, Freetown. In so doing he ended one of the bloodiest civil wars to bedevil the region. He did so without the official sanction of London, and failure could have cost him his career.

As Chief of the Defence Staff he advised the government during the crises and interventions in Libya and Syria and oversaw the controversial Strategic Defence and Security Review. Taking Command is Richards' characteristically outspoken account of a career that took him into the highest echelons of military command and politics. Written with candour, and often humour, his story reflects the changing reality of life for the modern soldier over the last forty years and offers unprecedented insight into the readiness of our military to tackle the threats and challenges we face today.

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Taking Command, Headline, 2014.