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Brooke Morgan I'm an American living in London, have two children and a Jack Russell. Tainted was my first novel, and I'm continuing on the psychological thriller road with my next novel, Trapped.






Brooke MorganEveryone has to live with their past, but no one should be haunted by it...

Ellie Walters is determined to get back on her feet after the break-up of her marriage. Now living on Cape Cod with her increasingly angry and troubled teenage son, Tim, she tentatively believes they can build a new life together. And when Ellie finds herself falling for her new neighbour's son, Joe, she feels she can at last move on.

Until, one day, elements connected to a tragic event in Ellie's past - an event she has never been able to come to terms with - start appearing. It seems that someone is determined to make her suffer, all over again. Whilst a misunderstanding drives a rift between her and Joe and her relationship with Tim threatens to deteriorate completely, a confused and frightened Ellie seems powerless to stop what seems increasingly like a terrifying campaign of persecution. And Ellie is faced with the horrifying possibility that she'll be trapped in this nightmare for ever...

BIBLIOGRAPHY: Trapped, Random House UK, 2011; Tainted, Random House UK 2009, Harper Collins US 2009.