The Viney Agency



Charlie Viney

I have been a literary agent since 2002 and founded The Viney Agency in 2008. The agency represents a diverse range of clients writing across a wide range of subjects.

I first started in the book trade as a bookseller and then enjoyed a twenty five year career in general trade publishing, mostly working in international sales and marketing, later becoming a board director at a major British publishing house.

Successful agenting is ultimately about selling and my agency prides itself on being a very sales led business. Response times are quick, editorial work on manuscripts detailed and submissions to book publishers and other media focused and clear.

Though we are always looking for outstanding writing, we deliberately do not feature in directories for literary agencies, preferring to work pro-actively in the market with new and existing clients and often originating ideas for books.

The Viney Agency is London based and operates directly in the UK and the US.

Being a literary agent combines my love of books and an enjoyment of business while enabling me to work very closely with our wonderful authors and manage their careers across all media.